Maritime industry innovation challenge

YES!Delft, in collaboration with Smart Delta Drechtsteden, is happy to introduce a new challenge focused on innovations for the maritime industry.

Are you a startup or a scale-up working on an innovation that can be used within the maritime industry? Then you are in the right place!

The maritime challenge focuses on accelerating technological solutions that facilitate the future of sustainable shipping, smart shipping, and zero-emission dredging. We are working together with these three initiatives:

ZEDhub is a joint initiative of leading dredging companies, governments, and academia. Our mission is to enable Zero Emission Dredging before 2030. The transition towards Zero-Emission Dredging requires developments in Technology, Economics, and Regulations. Some examples what they are looking for are:

  • sustainable power plants, sustainable energy carriers, digital solutions regarding energy monitoring and optimization and disruptive dredging solutions.

Smart Shipping Hub is an open innovation initiative that facilitates the development and implementation of Smart Shipping in the inland shipping sector. They try to look for technologies on these topics: 

  • technologies for enhanced situational awareness, remote monitoring and control, (semi-)autonomous shipping, safety enhancement solutions for unmanned operations

The Refit Alliance operates on the basis of open innovation with the entire inland shipping “ecosystem”. We strive to create value for all stakeholders and speed up the maritime energy transition, startups can help out on any of these topics:  

  • standardization design and built of sustainable energy carriers for existing ships, bunker-infrastructure, and digital solutions regarding energy monitoring and optimization.

For more detailed information and more specific topics, please download the program guide.

Who should participate?

We are looking for startups and scaleups with a tech solution related to one of the above mentioned topics that can contribute to the maritime industry. You should be ready to conduct a pilot in 2025.

What is in it for you?

Win a pilot project with one of the pioneering companies or initiatives supported by Smart Delta Drechtsteden and YES!Delft, leveraging their expert resources and strategic partnerships.

These initiatives offer unparalleled market access, connecting you with an extensive network of companies to enhance your business opportunities and reach.

Through the comprehensive workshops, training sessions, and resources provided by YES!Delft, you’ll gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively prepare your pilot project.

The opportunity to benefit from a subsidized workspace at the Duurzaamheidsfabriek in Dordrecht, providing a supportive and sustainable environment to nurture your business’s growth.

Program Timeline

Event info

Location Delft
Start date
23 October 2024
End date
10 December 2024
Final registration date
8 September 2024
Free of charge

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