Diabetes Fonds and Sensible join forces for affordable glucose sensors

Sensible Healthcare Systems, based in the YES!Delft tech incubator, announces a collaboration with the Dutch Diabetes Fonds. The collaboration will focus on amplifying research with patients to improve and verify performance, and optimize ease of use of their first product.

The partnership aims to further involve users in the validation of Sensible’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor called idi one. The involvement extends from usability testing to clinical studies. The potential for improvement in the CGM market is greatest since both established and emerging CGM sensors have fundamental limitations that prevent users from utilizing them to their full potential.

Sensible’s mission is to revolutionize the world of personalized healthcare by making continuous biosensors such as CGMs an order of magnitude more affordable. Moreover, they aim to make these sensors usable and imperceptible for everyone. The team is committed to developing highly scalable and cost-effective biosensors without sacrificing accuracy and consistency.

The sensors are unique in their design, utilizing a single microneedle that is 40 times smaller than those used in current market sensors. Additionally, Sensible embraces an open data architecture, allowing users to seamlessly integrate our sensor with any treatment option they choose at no extra cost.

“The involvement of Diabetes Fonds is a great honor for us and will significantly enhance both the quality of our innovation and the likelihood of successful market implementation.” says Tim Bruines on behalf of the Sensible team.

About the Diabetes Fonds

The Dutch Diabetes Fonds is actively committed to preventing, improving treatment of, and finally curing diabetes. They fund important research into better treatment methods, cures, and the causes of diabetes. Additionally, they raise awareness about the impact of diabetes and the importance of prevention. The Diabetes Fonds also provides practical information and support to people with diabetes, their families, and healthcare professionals to collectively maximize quality of life when living with diabetes. For more information, visit:

About Sensible Healthcare Systems

Sensible Healthcare Systems was founded in 2019 by a diversely experienced team, including researchers and technical experts from KTH Stockholm and TU Delft, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Sensible emerged from the vision that currently emerging biosensors such as continuous glucose monitoring sensors have various fundamental problems that make them unsuitable for population-scale applications, although that is precisely where the true potential of these sensors lies. For more information, visit:

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