RESONIKS: Transforming Quality Control with Acoustics

By Tessa van Breeden - You assume you are safe when you drive a car, use public transport, or are using new power tools. That safety starts in the factory. Strict procedures ensure product safety, reliability, and compliance with industry standards at manufacturers.

However, these quality control processes are extensive, take a long time, and are costly.

RESONIKS, a startup based in the Netherlands and Finland, has developed an innovative method to detect structural defects that are invisible to humans and machines. Using acoustics in combination with artificial intelligence (AI), they have created an efficient and effective approach to automate quality control.

From coffee to acoustics

Felix Wassmann, Fabian Oberndorfer, and Isaac Kargar were on a mission to start their own company and impact the world. As avid coffee drinkers, they developed a smart coffee can for consumers that knows when its contents run out. But, after doing market research, they found that the margins were relatively low, and logistics might be challenging. Therefore, the founders decided to find another problem to solve.

Pivoting to  B2B, they came across containers holding titanium powder. Due to its highly reactive and flammable nature when exposed to air or moisture, an efficient and secure way needs to be found to measure what’s inside those containers without being in contact with the material. 

The three founders found a way to do so, using acoustics in combination with AI. During their testing, however, they found out that acoustics provides much more insight. By coincidence, the founders received defective containers with dents and cracks. They immediately knew that this was the more valuable application. To start validating their idea, they presented it at a manufacturing conference. During their five-minute pitch, many factory managers listened attentively and showed interest afterwards. In fact, they sold two systems at the congress, even though they were still in the early stages of validating their latest technology.

To sell two systems based on a pitch at a congress is the ultimate validation. Felix Wassmann, CEO of RESONIKS

Acoustics to check for defects

RESONIKS uses a mix of sound technology and artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately find hidden flaws in metal parts. This method provides immediate feedback, works well for high-volume production, and improves safety by avoiding contact with reactive materials.

Their technology is relevant for any manufacturing company with automated production lines, particularly those using casting, forging, or welding methods. The combination of acoustics and AI and its broad possibilities ensure a unique position in the market.

If something is happening around the corner, you can hear it before you see it. It’s why acoustics is an excellent way to check an entire object for invisible defects.Felix Wassmann, CEO of RESONIKS

Focussing on acceleration

When RESONIKS joined the YES!Delft Accelerator program in March 2023 they were considering two different applications of their technology. They realized that acoustics could be used not only to detect defects in metal parts but also to monitor structures over time. However, pursuing these applications required different approaches, both in terms of building technology and sales. The program helped them decide to focus on Quality Control as their initial priority while keeping future goals in mind. For instance, in the coming years, they aim to develop a comprehensive database of material sounds and explore potential applications, such as creating digital twins. 

After finishing the Accelerator program, they conducted additional validation and created the first versions for factory deployment. By the end of 2023, they successfully validated their pilot projects and decided to pursue a seed round to bring their technology to the market. Recently, they closed their seed round, exceeding their goal by 2.65 million euros. This achievement will allow them to focus on refining their system and acquiring more customers in the upcoming years.

The Accelerator program helped us to understand that it’s better to start doing one thing very well before branching out with other applications.Felix Wassmann, CEO of RESONIKS

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