Join YES!Delft as a startup

Do you have a clear business idea, an innovative technology and you wish to kickstart your business in an environment where innovators thrive? You're welcome to join YES!Delft as a startup.


  • Based in The Netherlands
  • A clear business idea in the tech field
  • A clear technology
  • At least two co-founders *

*If you're a single entrepreneur, then find your co-founder first by joining the Meet your co-founder workshop.

Your journey to success

When you apply, we will assess where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. When we think you're ready, you can participate in the YES!Delft Accelerator Program and become part of our community.

Define your idea and technology

We provide you with the information you need to turn your idea into a viable business.

You need to have a clear business idea and an innovative technology before you can become a startup and participate in one of our programs. Maybe you already got this step covered. If you are still forming your idea, you should join one of our many inspirational events.

Find your co-founders

Meet your peers, and build your co-founder team. Get ready to meet like-minded entrepreneurial spirits.

Research has shown that startups with two or more co-founders are more likely to succeed, which is why we bring together entrepreneurial minds during our Co-Lab workshop. You do not have to have a technical background or an innovative idea to attend this workshop. In fact, diversity is key and something we stimulate at YES!Delft.

Validate your business idea

Go out and explore if there is a market for your product. Are you solving someone's problem?

We help you gain insight into the user and customer base. Talk to potential customers, find out if people are willing to pay for you solution and if there is a market for your technology. Validation is the first step in finding your Problem - Solution fit.

Get started with your startup

If you validated your idea, it is time to get to business and get all the tools you need to be successful.

We help you with different aspects of starting and running your business, e.g. legal, funding, pitching, and creating a team. This is the phase where you start looking for an office space and start thinking about the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey.

Join the Accelerator Program

Focus on the essential next steps to build a company with a scalable, profitable, and repeatable business model.

You are ready to participate in the YES!Delft Accelerator Program, an intensive program that will help you build your startup into a real business. You and your company will gain invaluable knowledge, connections and become a permanent part of the YES!Delft ecosystem.

Grow your business

In this stage, attract the right people to your team, get funded, and connect to the right people from our ecosystem.

If your company starts scaling up and more people are added to the team, different skills are needed to run your company. In addition to this you need to get some traction in the market and start selling your technology, product or service. Our Funded and Talent team have additional services in house that help you through this phase.

Info session

Get a taste of what it is like at the tech incubator and ask all your questions in just an hour.

Online info session
Info session


We organize various events for our startups and interested parties, such as workshops, talks, lectures, programs and challenges.

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