HR support

Your startup cannot scale up without expanding your team and having your HR in order. We can help.

Managing recruitment, payroll and staff administration can be quite a burden. Our HR experts and online job board are here to help.


Early-stage startups often struggle to find new employees as they grow. Our job board provides a solution that allows startups to take control of their sourcing process. It grants them access to a pool of entrepreneurial-minded individuals, offering quick and guaranteed profiles of candidates interested in working for a startup. With the job board, you can reduce hiring costs by 61%, accelerate time-to-hire by 50%, and eliminate recruiter expenses entirely. Check it out here:

HR expertise

Our HR experts provide comprehensive support for each startup’s talent journey. We offer valuable insights on employer branding, recruitment processes, onboarding, and retention. Additionally, we conduct training sessions on team-related topics, catering to your entire team, management team, or C-level executive. Book a 20-minute consultation with us and see how we can help you.

Hiring your first or even your tenth employee is always challenging. That’s why our HR services provide user-friendly templates and hiring roadmaps to streamline your process. From employee contracts to recruitment roadmaps, we offer valuable guidance on selecting the right channels, crafting effective interview questions, and implementing basic employer branding techniques.

At YES!Delft, we are committed to empowering talents and startups alike, fostering growth, and facilitating the development of winning teams.

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