Strategic funding support

Consultancy-based support in negotiating and securing funds within our extensive investor network.

Decades of experience help you execute your financial plan, structure deals and access our network of investors, public institutions and banks.

You have proven to be investor-ready and want to move forward? You need all the help you can get! Maybe you need someone to review your term sheet, or need help creating one. Perhaps an investor has already shown interest in your company and you feel you could need some backup from our experienced investment experts. No matter where you are in your funding process, there’s always a lot to consider when it comes to dealing with funds and investors.

The funding experts at YES!Delft have the experience required to assist you with everything from developing a funding strategy and preparing the necessary investor materials up to finding investors, deal execution, deal structuring and deal closing.

We provide consultancy-based support in finding and/or executing both private investment and public funding instruments, making sure you get the right deal that is well structured and best fits your startup’s needs.

A step by step process that works

Deliverables: Funding plan, financial statements, investor materials (pitch deck, one pager, pitch) and connections with numerous investors.

  • Step 1

    Intro call

  • Step 2

    Strategic funding plan

  • Step 3

    (public or private)

  • Step 4

    Deal structuring

  • Step 5

    Deal closing


Book a free 30-minute call and let’s discuss your specific funding support needs tailored to you and your startup.

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  • What

    What is this service?

    Consultancy-based support in sourcing and executing both private investments and public funding instruments, ensuring you get the right deal that is well structured and best suited to your startup's needs.

  • Who

    Who is it suitable for?

    Startups in any stage of their funding lifecycle, from very early stage (subsidies and pre-seed investments) to later stage (series A and beyond).

  • Why

    Why use this service?

    Helping startups is why we exist. As a startup, getting funded can be very complex. Experience in both the public and private funding sphere, a vast network of investors and above-average high success rate will prove invaluable.

Investment news

  • Investment

    Loop Biotech

    Investment round of 1 million

    YES!Funded helped Loop Biotech close an investment of 1 million, on the back of this Rabobank decided to grant a 500k loan.

    Loop Biotech

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