DuckDuckGoose Named “Best Tech Startup of 2023” by Computable

October 31, 2023 – DuckDuckGoose, a pioneering tech startup, is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized as the “Best Tech Startup of 2023” by the esteemed Computable Awards.

The company secured first place in the Tech Startup category, with a remarkable total score of 34.71%, comprised of a jury score of 34.16% and an audience score of 35.26%. DuckDuckGoose has been at the forefront of digital security, developing an innovative tool that detects generative AI and deepfakes. These threats have become increasingly prevalent in the digital realm, posing challenges to the authenticity and security of online content. DuckDuckGoose’s mission is to fortify the digital world against these threats, and this award stands as a testament to their commitment and success in this endeavor.

“We are both honored and humbled by this recognition,” said a Joris Mollinga, co-founder of DuckDuckGoose.

“Our team has put a lot of effort into creating a product that addresses a pressing need in today’s digital landscape. This award not only celebrates our achievements but also reinforces our dedication to making the online world a safer place.”

DuckDuckGoose extends its gratitude to its clients, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in their journey. Their support and belief in the company’s vision have been pivotal in achieving this milestone.

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About DuckDuckGoose:
DuckDuckGoose is a tech startup specializing in the detection of generative AI and deepfakes. With a commitment to enhancing digital security, the company has developed cutting-edge tools that combat the rise of manipulated content online.

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