Enhancing care through startup innovation

As our population continues to grow, the challenges surrounding the care of individuals are intensifying, especially due to the lack of people working in the care sector.

Recognising this, the municipality of The Hague and YES!Delft partnered up for the third time to bring together startups with innovative technologies that help people live healthier at home and reduce caregivers’ burden.

CareTech Network Program

This initiative encompassed a series of workshops, training sessions with experts, and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders deeply embedded in the social domain of The Hague. Each startup was strategically connected with a minimum of 25 regional influencers, thereby shedding light on their groundbreaking innovations and unlocking opportunities that may have otherwise remained closed. The seven startups that joined the program are Calendar clock, Taktify, Pal, Watch SEM, Kwebbel, Liz Health and Spencer Health Solutions.

“Participating in the CareTech Network Program already feels like winning.”

Teun Kortekaas, founder of Calendar Clock

Finals event

Tuesday, December 12th, we celebrated the finals event of the program, an exciting moment where the participating startups pitched in front of an expert jury consisting of people from the municipality of The Hague, Haagse Hogeschool, Tzorg and YES!Delft.

The winner of a pilot with the municipality of The Hague is Pal, Pal was created to redefine palliative care and improve access to proper at-home support for anyone affected by a life-limiting illness. 

The runner-up and winner of a workspace in the (future) Care Innovation Hub in The Hague is Watch SEM. Their innovative tool addresses the challenges of memory loss, aiding individuals in maintaining their daily rhythm through personalized reminders using images and sounds for essential activities such as sleeping, eating, or moving.

We look forward to seeing more innovations going forward that help people live healthy lives and reduce the burden on caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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