Erasmus MC: leader in healthtech

By Tessa van Breeden - Innovation and technology are increasingly important in the healthcare sector as they can improve the quality of care. From advanced medical equipment and more accurate diagnoses to solutions that make nurses' and doctors' work more pleasant and efficient, the relatively new HealthTech industry aims to make healthcare more effective and accessible for everyone.

The Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in Rotterdam is a frontrunner. In 2019, the Create4Care department was created, which focuses on innovations daily. The main questions: how do you shape new technological ideas based on improvement points asked for in practice? And what does the future of healthcare look like?

At Create4Care, nurses, doctors, patients, researchers, and students collaborate on various innovations to solve practical problems. For example, the digital baby length meter currently being developed is much more convenient and hygienic than the traditional measuring rod, making it easier and safer to measure a vulnerable baby in an incubator. Another example: the SoftKees is a cushion developed in response to a patient’s question to relieve the drain’s pain and prevent pressure sores.

By solving practical problems with innovative physical solutions using technology, Erasmus MC and Create4Care contribute to a sustainable future of healthcare. By working more pleasantly and efficiently, the nursing profession remains more attractive, contributing to healthcare workers’ retention. Innovations also help with the quality of life of patients.

Innovations also contribute to the quality of life for patients. Recently, Erasmus MC has started collaborating with YES!Delft is the largest tech incubator in Europe for tech startups, including MedTech startups. Within the Health & Care Tech program, startups work with Erasmus MC to contribute to the practical challenges in the hospital. The ultimate goal is to introduce innovations nationally so that all hospitals in the Netherlands have the opportunity to innovate healthcare.

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