Erasmus MC & YES!Delft: The success of the program

In the early spring of 2023,YES!Delft and Erasmus MC embarked on an ambitious mission to improve patient’s quality of life, reduce caregivers’ workload, and increase Healthcare providers’ efficiency. This vision was converted into an intensive 6-week program for startups in the HealthTech and CareTech industry.

Six startups were selected to join the program, such as Ergotrics, Praxa Sense, Sencilia, Medicine Men , Care2Report, and Bilihome. Each of these startups brought unique technologies and innovative approaches aimed at streamlining and enhancing various aspects of the healthcare system.

To ensure the practical applicability of their solutions, each startup was paired with a dedicated nurse who provided valuable direct feedback on the integration of their technologies. Additionally, participants engaged in a series of masterclasses and personalized networking sessions with innovation experts and decision-makers at Erasmus MC. The startups were also connected with health tech investors in the South Holland region to support their future scale.

At the end of the program – 3 startups Ergotrics, Sencilia BV and Praxa Sense have been honoured to start their pilot with Erasmus University Medical Center – one of the largest and one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe.

Ergotrics: developed an inflatable mattress cover which fits on every mattress and lifts a person, even 100kg and more, on their left and right side. 

Praxa Sense: developed Afi, a multiparameter remote monitoring solution for monitoring post-operative patients and patients with arrhythmias. 

Sencilia: has developed a first-of-its-kind flow sensing device that measures the IV flow rate in real-time and alerts the NICU clinicians instantly whenever any flow discrepancy is detected.

In celebration of their accomplishments, representatives from each winning startup has shared a quote:

This program was very much the need of the hour for an early-stage MedTech startup like Sencilia, since it opened up direct channels of communication between us and care providers so that we can involve the end-users (nurses) in our product development cycle. I am glad that we were one of the winners in the end, but being in the program and making connections with nurses and MedTech experts at the Erasmus MC and YES!Delft was already a ‘win’ in itself. My compliments to the organizers for an information-rich six weeks!Amar Kamat, founder Sencilia

This was a very helpful program where we got to talk with our future users and customers, adding a lot of value to our proposition and product!Liselotte Stolk, Co-founder of Praxa Sense.

The power of this program is the connection that you can make with the Erasmus MC. Getting direct feedback from your customers is so powerful for new medical innovation.Inge Bruynooghe, Founder of Ergotrics.

We are super excited to see the pilot outcomes, and we wish the startups that participate in our program success. This collaborative effort between Erasmus MC and YES!Delft is a great example of how we can contribute to advancing innovation in healthcare and bridging the gap between startups and hospitals.

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