Extended partnership: YES!Delft & Benedict Peax help with strategic funding

YES!Delft and Benedict Peax are pleased to announce that they have extended their partnership. After six years of working together, Benedict Peax has now become the exclusive and trusted partner of YES!Delft for strategic funding.

This extended collaboration will bring several benefits to the YES!Delft ecosystem. Jan Geert van Hall, the investment director at YES!Delft, and Peter Saarloos, a partner at Benedict Peax, will explain these advantages.

Both YES!Delft and Benedict Peax are one of the very few organizations in the Netherlands that guide startups with pre-seed and seed funding. Benedict Peax is a trusted and exclusive partner, and the formal partnership ensures that there is one go-to place for all your queries about the best way to proceed with your startup.

The road to success

Benedict Peax facilitates workshops for the YES!Delft ecosystem, to help startups and scaleups understand and practice finance. 

“From bootstrapping and subsidies to securing investments, there are many ways to finance your startup. When seeking funding, a startup might get lost in the many opportunities and chances. A workshop is a good first step to start thinking about the right solution.”Jan Geert van Hall, investment director at YES!Delft

Peter highlights that their involvement in the startup or scaleup journey begins right from the start. He believes a startup should have a clear picture of its funding options to prevent unnecessary dilution. Benedict Peax may be considered the first investor because they always work on a result basis, even in the risky early stages. The team works alongside the (co-)founder(s) to assist in securing the appropriate funding for their business, and they are committed to supporting them throughout their journey. Jan Geert adds:

“Our joint mission is to provide comprehensive support for startups by covering all financing options from subsidies to venture capital.”Jan Geert van Hall, investment director at YES!Delft

A personal approach

Over the past five years, Benedict Peax and YES!Delft have helped numerous startups with their pre-seed funding.

“Seeing startups like Gradyent and Nowi thrive is a testament to our collective effort and the unique approach we bring to the table,” Peter Saarloos, partner at Benedict Peax

Peter comments, highlighting some of their most notable success stories. However, Peter reflects:

“Finance is not just about numbers but also about people, dreams, and the journey. To Jan Geert and I, the door is open for any start-up, no matter the stage or application. We are dedicated to helping innovative ideas grow and shape the world.”Peter Saarloos, partner at Benedict Peax

Goals and future prospects

With an exclusive partnership now in place, Benedict Peax can assist even more in financing rounds, offering startups a blend of public, private, and banking solutions. Jan Geert clarifies:

“Benedict Peax will oversee all of the financing spectrum, from subsidy trajectories to investment rounds, which marks a significant improvement in our collective capability to provide startups with the support they need.”Jan Geert van Hall, investment director at YES!Delft

As for the future, the goal is clear: to create a hub of innovation and financial empowerment for startups nationally and internationally. Jan Geert envisions: 

“Our vision extends beyond financing; it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem where startups can flourish, innovate, and ultimately succeed on a global scale” Jan Geert van Hall, investment director at YES!Delft

If you are an entrepreneur with a deep tech scope (preferably hardware) and are interested in services, don’t hesitate to book an appointment via this webpage: YES!Delft Strategic funding support | YES!Delft (

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