Introducing the Carice TC2: Electric convertible produced in the Netherlands

By Richard Holleman - Today marks the debut of a new electric car, designed and made in the Netherlands. Carice bv has proudly developed the Carice TC2: A compact and sporty convertible where state of the art technology is combined with a beautiful classic design.

Today the first photos are being released and in the coming weeks, the car will be shown to the public for the first time. Car enthusiasts will be able to see the car for the first time at the finish event of the Tulpenrallye on Saturday 13 May at Château St Gerlach in Valkenburg, The Netherlands.

“With the Carice TC2 we want to create art on wheels”, Say Niels van Dril and Richard Holleman, founders of Carice.

“Elegant, environmentally friendly, agile and handmade. We distilled the car to its purest form, and everything that’s in there has been created with love and an eye for detail. We’ve brought the essence back into driving, with a car of only 630kg and a range of more than 300km. It’s about feeling the ride in every fibre of your body.”

The Carice TC2 is a special product of Dutch origin, combining modern technology and artisanal craftsmanship. In the past years, Carice has worked hard on both the new car as well as expanding their factory. Back in 2011, they produced their first electric cars, although in limited numbers. In order to be able to meet demand, they decided to develop a new car and set up a full production line. They are now able to produce cars in series completely independently where they can control quality and continuity in-house.

“We’re passionate about creating beautiful cars that make people happy.”Say Van Dril and Holleman

Carice convertableThe first series of Carice TC2, reserved by clients who have placed an order during the development phase, is already sold out. These clients can expect delivery of their Carice soon. For people interested in the Carice TC2 there’s good news: Carice is accepting reservations for the next production series. The Carice TC2 is available from €44.500 excluding VAT and will be produced in
limited quantities.

About Carice

Carice BV is specialised in the design and production of lightweight electric cars. They develop their cars completely in-house including chassis and bodywork. The company started in 2011 as one of the high tech startups from YES!Delft and Delft University of Technology. Originally the company produced electric cars in small quantities on a made-to-order basis. In recent years, Carice has been working on a completely new car and an assembly line at their factory in Voorhout.

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Images: Jorrit Lousberg

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