Loop Biotech aiming to raise €2 million in crowdfunding

On the 20th of March, the Dutch scale-up launched a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise €2 million in two weeks’ time.

Loop Biotech, known for the mushroom coffin that enriches the earth, is kicking off spring with a new opportunity for investors. On 20 March, the Dutch scale-up will launch a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise €2 million in two weeks’ time. The investment round is taking place on Invesdor, the largest platform for sustainable projects in Europe. Shares are available from €250, making investing in a source for new organic life accessible to everyone. Besides financing more automated production, expanding distribution and marketing activities, Loop Biotech wants to appeal to people caring about this innovative initiative. Strategic partner Limbraco and Orange Wings Investments a.o. have already made a deposit, resulting in a starting amount of €500,000.  

Building a circular future

Loop Biotech is addressing the growing demand for biodegradable funeral products. The sustainable coffin, urn and carrier are living objects made from upcycled hemp and mycelium, the underground root network of mushrooms. A Loop coffin is grown in seven days and, in ideal conditions, fully absorbed by nature in only 45 days. This burial method then forms an organic source for new life. New partner Limbraco, international leader in turn-key mushroom farms and sustainable climate technology, is helping Loop to scale up. The crowdfunding initiative offers people the opportunity to become a Loop Biotech shareholder and help to build a circular future. It is open for investment from 20th to 3rd April 2024.

Closing the loop

Bob Hendrikx, CEO and founder of Loop Biotech, on the crowdfunding opportunity on Invesdor: “It is our aim to make Loop products accessible for everyone and every budget. Demand is growing, and we want expand our factory to produce faster, better and cheaper. In order to do that, we have to upscale. Also, we want to inspire people to feel more comfortable thinking and speaking about death. We offer a new view on funeral products: sustainability, design and good for both people and planet. A growing number of people are purchasing their voucher now for a Loop funeral product to use later. Together we can make the earth more livable – for us and for generations to come. Let’s close the loop!”

About Loop Biotech

Loop Biotech is the initiator and bio designer of the world’s first ‘living’ coffin, part of a new generation of funeral products enriching the earth. The Dutch company was founded by Bob Hendrikx in 2020. It aims to restore our balance with nature by providing eco-friendly solutions for everyday products on an international scale, starting with the funeral industry. The Loop Living Cocoon™ is a groundbreaking, innovative and sustainable alternative to the traditional coffin. The launch of this living coffin, carrier (Loop ForestBed™) and urn (Loop EarthRise™) and the growing demand for these products, confirm the need for nature-friendly funeral solutions.


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