Nurtio Technologies: Investment Round is Open!

Nurtio Technologies is opening an investment round. The round is open to both institutional investors with a minimal ticket of 500K, and individual investors via a CLA with a ticket as small as 50K.

With their products, Nurtio Technologies is reinventing the whole commercial plantscaping industry (or, to put it simply: the companies that take care of the plants in commercial real estate), which is a very steadily growing yet often overlooked market.

One of the products of the company, Nurtio Insight, is the software technology to digitalize the field operations of plantscaping companies, save them a lot of time (and cost) that goes into admin tasks, and bring transparency to their cost structure.

The second product of the company is Nurtio Protect, a connected plant care technology that allows plantscaping companies to remotely monitor their most valuable plant assets (specimen trees, winter gardens, living walls) and take action before it’s too late.

Finally, the third product that the company is currently making is Nurtio Assist, another connected technology that leverages plant data to dramatically reduce the number of service visits required and eventually make indoor plants more affordable and more available for everyone.

The products of Nurtio gained excellent traction in several European countries and also across the ocean, in the United States and Canada, and the company has a unique competitive advantage in terms of access to the market.

Backed by Shamrock Ventures in early 2023, they are now seeking additional investment to speed up the development and the market rollout even more.

Interested to find out more about this investment opportunity? Please contact the CEO of Nurtio Technologies Iryna Pakhomova on LinkedIn or over email ( , or schedule a quick call with her right away!

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