OASYS NOW raises €250,000 to make Digital Health Data & Personalized Medicine accessible

Delft-based startup OASYS NOW has secured €250,000 in capital during its latest investment round, with participation from Graduate Entrepreneur Fund, TenNine.VC, Golden Egg Check Capital, and several angel investors.

The funds will be used to expand the company’s workforce and accelerate the development of its services, bringing the company one step closer to its goal of making Personalized Medicine accessible to people globally.

OASYS NOW has created a software platform that enables patients and citizens to manage their health and DNA data, such that they can participate in clinical studies and scientific research worldwide. Researchers can access the health data of research participants with their permission in a secure and safe environment, providing patients with more effective and personalized treatments that improve their health outcomes and quality of life. For example, according to an international study led by Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), serious side effects of drugs decrease by 30 percent when doses are tailored to patients’ DNA. 

Experienced team and partnership with disease research

The team behind OASYS NOW is highly skilled in the fields of computer science, genetics, cyber security, and privacy, with previous experience in relevant fields such as genomic analysis
pipelines, rare genetic disease research, and genomics data privacy and governance. Furthermore, they have been in close contact and collaborations with academic medical centers, and
organizations that support research for diseases like cancer, ALS, and Huntington’s disease. OASYS NOW has achieved numerous prestigious awards and prizes and emerged victorious in Berlin against some of Europe’s most advanced technology startups.

Advancing Precision Medicine: Secure Health Data Exchange

Nima Salami, OASYS NOW’s CEO and Co-Founder, conveyed his appreciation to the company’s investors in a statement: “It is very exciting that institutional and reputable angel & VC
investors are supporting our mission to help expand the Digital Health Data and Personalised Medicine accessibility worldwide for everyone!”
“We are excited to be part of OASYS NOW’s journey, as we believe they have the potential to disrupt this market at an international scale”, expressed Hidde Goslings, from Graduate Entrepreneur Fund. OASYS NOW has developed a platform that empowers citizens and patients to take control of their health data and actively participate in clinical studies and research. By taking these steps, the organization is optimistic that it will advance Precision Medicine and drive change in the field of secure health data exchange.
This has been praised by investors such as Thomas Mensink from Golden Egg Check Capital, who said, ‘The unique approach from the OASYS NOW team to include the citizens directly in the process of Personalized Medicine research and empowering them with control over who they want to share their data with is very inspiring. This is why we support this company and put our trust in the team!”


In 2021, OASYS NOW, a Health and Legal-Tech startup, was founded by Nima Salami, Sara Okhuijsen, Viktor Koppenol, and Soroosh Torabi to empower people to take control of their health data. The team is working on a platform that will be able to securely share the health information of participants with researchers, which will lead to a faster rollout of medical research and treatment. The team is proud to work together with reliable organizations such as health testing companies, disease research foundations, and academic medical centers to make sure that data sharing is secure and that all protocols are followed. At OASYS NOW, they believe that building trust and fostering communication between patients, researchers, and healthcare organization is crucial. Working together will undoubtedly help Precision Medicine achieve its full potential and have a positive impact on the lives of people worldwide.

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