Shaping the future of entrepreneurship: the role of YES!Delft Students

Together with Yoeri Vijn, member Education and Events at YES!Delft Students, we explore how to take your first steps in the dynamic environment of innovation and startups.

Between all the courses, homework, and student activities, it can be overwhelming to think about any next steps, for example, getting a job. So, getting acquainted with entrepreneurship might not be on your radar if you are a busy student. Luckily, YES!Delft Students is dedicated to igniting an entrepreneurial spark within students by showing them what it’s like to work in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment.

Being part of YES!Delft Students opened my eyes to the vast opportunities in entrepreneurship. It’s not just about starting a company; it’s about developing a mindset to innovate and impact. Yoeri Vijn, Education and Events at YES!Delft Students

The mission of YES!Delft Students

Have you ever thought about working at a startup? If you are wondering about your options, the programs and events of YES!Delft Students are a great place to start. After all, their mission is powerful: where students become entrepreneurs. For students, led by students, they aim to inspire new innovators by promoting entrepreneurship among students. They believe in the potential of students to create innovative solutions that can positively impact the world. Their programs and events provide easy access to the startup world and challenge traditional career paths.

Our goal is to demystify the entrepreneurial journey for students, showing them that their ideas can absolutely change the world. Yoeri Vijn, Education and Events at YES!Delft Students

Key Initiatives and Programs

The board of YES!Delft Students is busy organizing events and programs designed to inspire, educate, and connect aspiring entrepreneurs all year. The Entrepreneurship Day Delft took place on March 6, 2024, gathering over a thousand students to explore the entrepreneurial landscape.

They organize over 70 events for students throughout the year. These events include specialized competitions such as the Clean Tech Challenge, Ready to Startup, and the Student Startup program, which offer mentorship, workshops, and a peer-to-peer network for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Each program is designed to spark ideas and equip students with the tools they need to succeed.


Yoeri Vijn, Education and Events at YES!Delft Students

Impact and success stories

The success stories from YES!Delft Students’ initiatives show their impact. For example, The Ocean Cleanup, which originated from the Clean Tech Challenge, is thriving and changing the world. These accomplishments highlight the organization’s commitment to educating students about entrepreneurship and contributing to a sustainable future through innovative solutions.

Looking ahead, YES!Delft Students is working on some exciting developments. For instance, they plan to broaden the organization’s reach to HBO students and continue to optimize the program structures to match the rapid developments in the world.

The future is bright, and we’re excited to continue expanding our reach and impact. Yoeri Vijn, Education and Events at YES!Delft Students

Getting involved with YES!Delft Students

For students intrigued by the possibilities of entrepreneurship, YES!Delft Students offers many opportunities. Whether attending events, participating in programs, or engaging with the vibrant startup community, there are numerous ways to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Of course, it is also possible to apply for the board of the YES!Delft students.

I encourage every student to explore what YES!Delft Students has to offer. It could very well be the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.Yoeri Vijn, Education and Events at YES!Delft Students

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