SLAM Orthopedic raises EUR 2 million investment

SLAM Orthopedic raises EUR 2 million investment to bring its fracture treatment sensor to the European market.

SLAM Orthopedic, an innovative medical device company that develops advanced sensor systems for surgical applications, has successfully raised a seed investment of € 2 million. The funding round was led by Dutch seed fund Rising Star Venture Partners, alongside informal investors and the Zeeuws Participatie Fonds.

The funds shall be used to finalize the product development of SLAM Ortho’s flagship ADEPTH system for orthopedic and trauma surgery. The add-on sensor allows surgeons who treat patients with fractures to automatically measure and indicate the required implant size. Hereby ADEPTH achieves valuable time-saving during trauma surgery, improves quality of care and prevents surgical waste.

 We believe the best way to support surgeons’ capabilities is by automating tedious and precise tasks, while allowing maximum flexibility. We developed the ADEPTH system with this goal in mind and in close collaboration with surgeons. This investment allows us to certify and commercialize it. We look forward to grow the company and transform trauma surgery with this group of experienced investors.Just Schornagel, CEO

We fully support SLAM Ortho’s vision and see ADEPTH as a valuable solution for a crucial step in the surgical workflow. The investors, as well as the clinical and commercial partners have confidence in this team and look forward to bringing the ADEPTH system to the next level.Benjamin Sieters, Fund Manager at Rising Star Venture Partners

SLAM Ortho is focused on solving one of the ubiquitous challenges in fracture surgery; each screw implant must be correctly sized to avoid implant instability and potential tissue or joint damage. Currently, this is done manually, which is time consuming and often leads to inaccurate measurements, causing complications for patients and implant waste in the operating room. The ADEPTH sensor automates this critical step. Moreover, the system is compatible with all existing drill machines and allows contactless measurement, enabling surgeons to seamlessly integrate this solution into their current workflow and equipment usage.

Currently the ADEPTH system is being validated in a first-in-human clinical trial in collaboration with the department of trauma surgery of the ErasmusMC, the largest trauma center of the Netherlands. SLAM Ortho expects to introduce the ADEPTH system on the European market mid-2025.

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