Somnox Sleep Program included in insurance

By Julian Jagtenberg - Somnox, the Dutch pioneer in sleep technology, introduces the Somnox Sleep Program, an innovative approach in the fight against poor sleep. The program includes several options, including a device that stimulates deep relaxation via breathing and a complete support program for better sleep based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Reimbursed by Zilveren Kruis and a.s.r. from January 1, 2024.

Sleep is vital

According to research by the Hersenstichting, 45% of Dutch people want to be able to sleep better. After all, sleeping well is vital; those who sleep well have a lower chance of obesity, anxiety disorders, depression and cardiovascular disease.In addition, not sleeping well affects memory, concentration, mood, creativity and physical health.

“Sleep issues are a complex problem that often requires more than slow breathing techniques. This is an important step for Somnox to not just sell a tool that trains breathing, but to offer a complete program that provides guidance through coaching in addition to education and behavioral change. By taking this step we and insurers can make it more accessible to a larger group of poor sleepers in the Netherlands.”Julian Jagtenberg, founder/CEO of Somnox

A program for day and night

The Somnox Sleep Program is a guided step-by-step plan, toward better sleep, consisting of three elements:This starts with the use of the Somnox 2, an innovative tool that encourages deep relaxation through its soothing tactile breathing rhythm, sounds and soft shell. This is complemented by proven tools and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, focused on education, self-insight and subtle behavior change. Finally, Somnox offers coaching and insight into personal progress through the sleep diary and access to a supportive online community.

“The program has given me insights I didn’t know before. I was tired of getting the same tips over and over again about e.g. not drinking coffee before going to bed. Somnox helped me regain a relaxed attitude towards nighttime waking. I felt understood and less alone in my journey to better sleep.” Monique, User of the Somnox Sleep Program

Reimbursement by health insurers

From 1 January 2024, the Somnox Sleep Program will be reimbursed by health insurers Zilveren Kruis through the Gezond en Fitbundel (up to 100%) and a.s.r. Leefstijlcoaching (up to 75%), making this innovative program more accessible to a wider public. ​Policyholders who want to make use of the program can contact Somnox directly.

Price & availability

The Somnox Sleep Program is available from December 12, 2023. The program is available from €30 per month. After the program, customers can decide to continue renting the Somnox 2 (a €34.95 per month), return it or take it over for the remaining value (see table). Applying for the program can be done at

About Somnox

Somnox is a YES!Delft scaleup and forerunner in sleep technology, based in Rotterdam. With a mission to help the world sleep better, Somnox combines technological innovation with scientific insights to create products and programs that contribute to better sleep quality. You can find a full article about the Somnox journey in dutch HERE. 

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