Tarnoc receives Seed Funding for development Turbine Heat Pump

Tarnoc has announced a successful funding round, raising €800K in the initial phase of their seed round. This investment marks a significant step forward in the acceleration of the development of the Turbine Heat Pump, an innovative sustainable heating technology.
The company is excited to welcome two new shareholders, including BarUni and other family funds, whose support and confidence in Tarnoc’s mission play a crucial role in their advancement. With this infusion of capital and expertise, the company expresses confidence in achieving its ambitious goals.
Expressing gratitude, Tarnoc acknowledges the contributions of its dedicated team, new investors, and all supporters who have been instrumental in their journey.
Tarnoc specializes in the development of the Turbine Heat Pump, aiming to replace traditional gas boilers with a fully electric alternative that can be installed within a day. The patented technology behind the Turbine Heat Pump is scalable and boasts the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption by 50% and CO2 emissions by 80%. The company is committed to providing clean and affordable heating solutions to all individuals.
Having previously secured over €1.5M in subsidies and pre-seed investments and being recognized with multiple awards, Tarnoc is extending an invitation to potential investors to join the second phase of their seed round. The company invites those who share their vision for a sustainable and affordable heating future to collaborate. They aim to create a lasting impact by enhancing lives through innovative, environmentally friendly heating solutions.
Prospective investors interested in participating in this opportunity or seeking additional information are encouraged to reach out. Tarnoc looks forward to collaborating with others to pave the way for a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for everyone.
More information and a link for potential investors can be found on the Tarnoc website: Tarnoc – Turbineketel
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