Top-10 startup success stories: April 2023

As we move into the second quarter of the year, April continues to bring exciting news and developments from the startup world. From advancements in space travel to digital well-being, this month has seen impressive accomplishments from a diverse range of startups. Don’t miss out on these top 10 success stories from April that showcase the innovation and potential of the YES!Delft startup community.

1. Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace completed the first rocket-powered flight campaign of its Mk-|| Aurora spaceplane. They have completed 3 test flights in 3 days! This marks a significant milestone in Dawn’s Aerospace mission to redefine how we sustainably access and utilise space. More information can be found in this PRESS RELEASE.

2. Maeve Aerospace

On Thursday, April 13th, Maeve presented its design at the public event of its Maeve 01 fully electric aircraft. Also, Lucy – Europe’s first all-electric airliner and Maeve Aerospace signed the first intentional pre-order for the Maeve 01! More information can be found HERE.

3. Momo Medical

Momo Medical has some great news to share! Besides becoming a winner of the National audience award, now everyone can invest in a startup via the NPEX platform. Currently, more than 6,600 nursing home residents already use the Momo BedSense. In order to be able to support even more care workers in their work, a new investment round via NPEX is needed. Find out HERE how you can contribute to their mission!

4. Nature’s Principles

Nature’s Principles is proud to share that last month startup produced its first product sample that will be tested with one of its partners. Their organic acid blend uses fewer resources in the feedstock process and production, making it more sustainable. More about it can be found HERE.

5. Nurtio Technologies

Nurtio announced its new partnership with NextGen Living Walls. NextGen Living Walls provides the easiest and most efficient plant vertical systems. Clients can order sensors from Nurtio to help maintain the green walls. Nurtio is active in 9 countries, and this new cooperation will allow them to push the horizon further. More information HERE.

6. Sense Glove

Sense Glove raised  €3.25 million in a Series A funding round led by the Lumaux Tech Fund. This funding will accelerate startup growth, allowing them to innovate even more, develop new hand-haptic products, and expand its global reach. Find the full announcement post HERE.

7. Smart-ship

Smart-ship received the formal approval of Bureau Veritas Group regarding its haptic control levers. In the upcoming weeks, they will start installing its technology on short sea vessels, a research vessel, electric ferries and a yacht!

8. Soundcell

Soundcell received a pre-seed investment from a graduate entrepreneur! Soundcel is developing a new diagnostic device capable of antibiotic resistance testing within hours rather than days. With this pre-seed investment, they will continue to fight against antibiotic resistance and hopefully become clinically relevant startups! More can be found HERE.

9. Stil

Stil has received €4.6 million of funding from the EIC Accelerator. The startup will use the investment to make STIL Orthosis – and their company – ready for scaling up internationally. The company’s mission remains unchanged: providing stability to over 30 million people worldwide with involuntary shakes in the hands. Read more HERE.

10. Unpluq

Unpluq, a digital well-being startup that helps people reduce their mobile screen time and improve their mental health, announced the release of its first-ever iPhone app. The Unpluq app was developed to address the growing concern around the negative impact of mobile screen time on mental health, particularly among young people. Find more HERE.

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