Top-10 startup success stories: May 2023

In the month of May, innovative tech startups have been making waves and achieving significant milestones. We are proud to present our top-10 startup success stories for this month.

From leadership transitions to product launches and strategic partnerships, these startups are demonstrating their commitment to growth and innovation. Read the success stories below and get inspired by their remarkable achievements.


After Founder & former CEO Anton Paardekooper suddenly passed away in December 2022, which had a significant impact on the BBBLS team, they are now pleased to announce that Matthijs Plas is taking over the Chief Executive Officer position.

2. Beesage

Last week the founder of Beesage attended the Deep Tech Momentum event, where he pitched in front of the audience and took 3rd place out of 52 companies. Find more information here.

3. Carice Cars

On the 10th of May, Carice Cars released its newest product – TC2 – an electric convertible that weighs 630 kg and has a mile range of 300 km. You can find more information about the car in this TOP GEAR article or on their website. Also, you can watch an Interesting interview with De Ondernemer in this Dutch podcast here.

4. DeNoize

DeNoize, in collaboration with Schiphol, has created a test house to demonstrate active soundproofing technology for windows. This technology is capable of recognising, filtering, and mitigating ambient noise. In this video, you can find out more information. The test lab will be open to visitors in September this year. You can even sign up to spend a night in the house and try it out. Detailed information can be found in this press release.

5. Loop Biotech

Loop Biotech – initiator and builder of the world’s first ‘living’ coffin that enriches the earth – presents an improved, more organic version of the Loop Living CocoonTM. The new products were launched at an event with Andre Kuipers and Shawn Harris on May 22nd. The startup is also launching the first fully biodegradable “EarthRise” urn and “ForestBed” funeral carrier to answer the demand for more eco-conscious funeral product options. With the Loop Living Cocoon, a burial can have a positive footprint. Their slogan is: “Are you waste or are you compost?” More info can be found HERE.

6. Micro-Cosmos

Micro-Cosmos is happy to share that two brand new Micro-Cosmos bed caps are permanently installed at the Isala Hospital in the Department of Neurology. Especially the brain care department was very enthusiastic about the peace and security that Micro-Cosmos offers. More can be found in this post.

7. Sensible Healthcare Systems

Sensible Healthcare Systems announced their pre-seed funding round financed by a group of expert investors, including Glass Frog Ventures and Graduate Entrepreneur. They will use the funds to develop further and market its minimally invasive continuous biosensing platform, initially focusing on the diabetes care market with a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor. We celebrated this positive news with a champagne alarm in the YES!Delft incubator together with the investors.


Supersola raised an investment of 1 million euros under the leadership of ROM InWest to scale up the production of solar panels with socket plugs. More information can be found HERE.

9. Nurtio

Nurtio has a new partnership with Vodafone Business. This partnership will enable Nurtio to leverage its extensive network infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and expertise in the IoT industry. From now on, every gateway will be equipped with a Vodafone SIM card providing seamless connectivity that transcends geographical boundaries. The Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) is Vodafone’s dedicated IoT-managed service engine, enabling devices and assets with a global SIM to communicate securely with the Nurtio back-end system. More information can be found here.

10. Momo Medical

Momo Medical has already raised 1,2 million euros via the NPEX platform. Up to €1.75 million can still be subscribed to the current issue. More information about it can be found HERE.

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