YES!Delft Awards 2022

Our startups achieved many great things in 2022, and that’s why once again, we rewarded some of the most outstanding startups with the YES!Delft Awards.

The startups competed in four different categories such as:

  • Rookie of the Year Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Scale-up of the Year
  • Inspirational Journey Award

Let’s see which startups and why won a trophy!

Rookie of the Year Award: Agora Solutions

Agora Solutions receiving the YES!Delft Rookie of the Year Award 2022

Agora Solutions enables kelp farmers to integrate high-tech IoT systems to monitor their crops. They combine satellite and in-situ monitoring data to create smart kelp farm management software. Last year they followed YES!Delft Validation Lab and successfully applied the insights gained. 

The startup has been awarded as the rookie of the year because they have managed to secure funds to conduct research projects and develop monitoring equipment, expanded the team and opened their new office! We are really excited to see the next steps of this promising startup!

Rising Star Award: MangoStone

Mangostone team receiving the YES!Delft Rising Star Award

MangoStone is enabling circular economies to emerge by improving waste collection operations. They reduce high logistical costs and the impact on the environment by creating efficient collection routes and data insights using a combination of hardware and software solutions.

The startup has been awarded as the rising star because of the impressive growth of the market adoption of their solution in the textile industry in the Netherlands and Germany.

Scale-up of the Year: Qlayers

Qlayers is on a mission to transform the industrial coating of large assets by automating the process and reducing the number of hours that painters work at dangerous heights. Their unique robotic solutions allow to overcome the limitations of manual coating of large industrial surfaces by creating an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable coating application process.

Qlayers has received the scale-up award because of their growth and the global success of the 10Q and 7CS robots, including the fact that thousands of square meters of industrial surfaces were coated with high-quality anti-corrosion paint and nearly no paint overspray contaminating the environment.

Inspirational Journey Award: Nurtio Technologies

Nurtio technologies provide the world`s first connected gardening technology designed specifically for corporate real estate. This startup received an inspirational journey award because of sheer perseverance, hard work and great implementation of the basics of entrepreneurship!


Big thanks to all the startups for being part of YES!Delft and creating an ecosystem to be proud of! Cheers to everything that will come in the coming years!

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