YES!Delft awards 2023

We are proud of all the startups in our ecosystem and would like to express our appreciation by awarding the most remarkable startups and scale-ups with the annual YES!Delft awards.

In this article, we look back at the year 2023 and share our highlights.

At YES!Delft we do everything in our power to create the ideal circumstances for tech startups to grow and flourish. We see the struggles some companies have from up close and support them in rough times of course we also celebrate with those companies that sell their first products, close deals with partners, and investors and run successful pilots to make an impact in our society. 

We have selected the most outstanding, remarkable and inspiring startups and scale-ups in the categories:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Rising Star
  • Scale-up of the Year
  • Inspirational Journey

Rookie of the Year

This award is given to startups took part in the YES!Delft Validation Lab. These startups join at a very early stage, apply the learnings of the program determine their beachhead market. They go out of the building and interview multiple potential customers to validate their problem – solution fit. 

Nominated for Rookie of the year were: PerciveAI, HyerPower, and Geotherm Electric.

The Rookie of the year 2023 is Perciv AI!

Perciv offers AI based software solutions to unleash the hidden capabilities of radars and enable robust and affordable autonomous systems, with Lidar-like performance, even in adverse weather conditions.


They talked to many potential customers and end users to understand their problem and find focus. This resulted in a much stronger Value Proposition that helped them secure several projects, to grow their team and joined the YES!Delft Accelerator program.

Rising Star

This award is given to startups who took part in one of the Accelerator programs of 2023. These early stage startups have shown significant growth by starting their first sales, or pilots and bringing their product to market. 

The nominees for Rookie of the year 2023 were Lobster Robotics, SoundCell, and NeoStove.

The Rising Star of 2023 is SoundCell!

SoundCell develops technology that helps doctors prescribe right antibiotics to patients within one hour. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global public health burden.


In 2023 SoundCell not only grew their team, but they received the European Innovation Council Transition Grant of 2.5M euros helping them build their lab and accelerate the development.

Scale-up of the Year

The Scale up of the year award is given to startups that have grown significantly in the last year. These companies are at a later stage and have often outgrown the YES!Delft building.   

The nominees for Scale up of the year were UbiOps, QBlox and Villari.

Scale-up of 2023 is QBlox!

At QBlox they build control hardware for quantum computers. Quantum computers will revolutionize the way we compute by embedding the laws of quantum mechanics in their fundamental building blocks (qubits).


Since finishing the Accelerator in 2020 QBlox has grown significantly. Their team grew to 80 people, gaining many investments and even opening a Quantum Excellence centre in Delft for quantum research and development.

Inspirational Journey

This award is given to people who have achieved remarkable success or have contributed in a special way to our community.

Nominated for this years Inspirational Journey of the year Award are:

  • Simon van der Jagt from Nexperia,
  • IJsbrand de Lange from STIL,
  • Jelle Tiemensma from Smart-Ship,
  • Kyriakos Charalampides Zois Loumakis and Michele Abolaffio from Reliq.

The winner of the Inspirational Journey Award is Jelle Tiemensma!

Smart-ship enables a sustainable future for the maritime sector. 


Despite some setbacks, headaches and obstacles, Jelle showed resilience and the Smart-Ship team showed teamwork. Marking the year by being nominated for the Maritime Innovation Award.

Congratulations to all the winners and let’s make 2024 another great year!

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