Arkmon: The Cryptocurrency Safety Revolution

By Tessa van Breeden - There’s a saying that money makes money: using it to gain more capital through investments. There are many options, such as the regular stock market or, for example, cryptocurrencies. The latter often comes with risks, as the market can be volatile and non-transparent.

Arkmon helps you to invest in cryptocurrencies while reducing risks. They developed a plugin that makes it possible to use indexes. An index is a portfolio of investments representing a financial market segment. Using their solution, the investment is easily diversified, and keeping an overview of your investments is effortless.

Making crypto safe and simple

Maxim Sachs and Tristan Somé, the founders of Arkmon, lived together while studying Aerospace Engineering at Delft University. Cryptocurrencies were a hot topic in their student residence, and they started investing. It was still in the early days of cryptocurrency, and they found they lacked a system to keep track of their investments, so they decided to build something themselves. Subsequently, their friends were also interested in using their solution, and a company was born and bootstrapped using the profits of their own crypto-investing.

Excitedly, they started creating AI trading bots and other complex trading solutions to maximize profits. However, while talking to customers, they realized that their application should be more straightforward and focused more on reducing risks. AI bots are seen by customers as unexplainable black boxes which are hard to trust. Instead, they decided to create a plugin that simplifies investing in crypto by following a more systematic approach. Their solution offers several portfolios the customer can automatically invest in, much like an index. Furthermore, they offer the possibility to modify the portfolio to your wishes. All in all, the plugin helps to automate cryptocurrency investments and track all cryptocurrencies in one place.

We are engineers, so we like to design complex solutions. But we found that people don’t want AI trading bots. We realized we needed a simple solution to make investing in cryptocurrencies simple and safer.Maxim Sachs, CEO and co-founder of Arkmon.

Crypto for young professionals

Arkmon built their plugin for young professionals fresh out of school with additional disposable income and an interest in investing in markets other than the traditional stock market. The platform connects to exchange accounts and, therefore, holds no funds. Similar systems are often complicated and need a lot of money, knowledge, and time to have a chance at success. Using the Arkmon plugin, the automated portfolios do most of the work, and the minimum start capital is only 250 euros to make it more accessible for anyone to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Engineering vs. commercial mindset

Maxim and Tristan entered the YES!Delft validation lab in the spring of 2022. After building their prototype, they tested their plugin with beta testers. Their participation enabled them to stop thinking from an engineering mindset and instead decide on a more commercial approach. Thanks to YES!Delft, Arkmon pivoted from complex AI trading bots to a more straightforward solution. Their new mindset enabled them to create a product that customers are eager to use.

YES!Delft expanded our understanding of the complexities of launching a startup. Beyond just product creation, numerous factors contribute to success, and YES!Delft has illuminated many of them for us.Tristan Somé, COO and co-founder of Arkmon.

Arkmon launched its second version at the beginning of October. But there is still more work to be done. They will focus on marketing and increasing their user base in the upcoming months. Arkmon believes in value-based investing and the concept of cryptocurrency, which is why Arkmon is committed to making the crypto world safer.

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