CleVR: Virtual Reality impacting the real world

By Tessa van Breeden - Virtual Reality (VR) is often associated with gaming while wearing gigantic VR glasses. All fun and jokes aside, do you know there are also helpful VR applications?

CleVR is a scaleup that creates dynamic and interactive virtual environments that can be customized for various uses, such as psychological treatments or training people in new skills.

VR Exposure Therapy

Guntur Sandino is the founder of CleVR. While studying at Delft University of Technology, he came across VR exposure therapy. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, a VR exposure therapy product was developed for fear of flying, fear of heights, and claustrophobia. However, despite showing significant potential, the product was not utilized after its development. Studies found that VR could be an effective way to treat these types of fears. Guntur decided to revive the project, even though it was a challenge, as all systems were offline. The revival was so successful that professors asked him to take the project to a commercial level. As a result, in 2010, CleVR was born, and it was time to take the project to yet another level.

I stabilized the systems, consulted with numerous psychologists to gain their trust, and redesigned the user interface so that the VR exposure therapy could be utilized once again for treatment.Guntur Sandino, founder and CEO of CleVR

Multiple uses

Their primary customer base comprises mental health services. With their effective software, psychologists and psychiatrists can treat not only fears but also personality disorders, psychoses, and much more. Their software is evidence-based and certified as a medical device instrument.

After fourteen years of perfecting the software, CleVR recently decided to broaden its target audience. Their software is now also suitable for training professionals, such as those at the police academy. For example, CleVR can be used to practice conversation techniques, arrests, or handling of confused individuals on the street. The adaptability of their product allows for this versatility.

Despite being a software company, CleVR works closely with universities to research potential treatments for illnesses. For instance, over fifty papers have been written since CleVR’s inception. Within two years, thirty individuals will have been promoted with their software.

At CleVR, we want to help people. We are driven by the impact our software has on society.Guntur Sandino, founder and CEO of CleVR

Next steps forward

CleVR joined YES!Delft in June 2011. They started in an affordable office and took advantage of the courses, masterclasses, and network offered by YES!Delft. They have grown with funding from research grants provided by institutes and universities. This year, CleVR plans to launch a new version of its current product, improving its features and user-friendliness. Additionally, they will start conducting training sessions. Finally, they have outgrown the offices of YES!Delft, and are scaling up to a larger office space next month, where they will continue to work on their software.

I’m very grateful for the help we got from YES!Delft in the early years. It helped to shape our company.Guntur Sandino, founder and CEO of CleVR

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