Hoursec: Speeding up computation from hours to seconds

By Tessa van Breeden - Creating and teaching artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) models can take a long time. That is because they have significant computational needs. Though AI and ML will make our lives easier, unfortunately, servers use a lot of electricity, which leads to more pollution.

HourSec specializes in a solution to accelerate chip computational processes from hours to seconds. Their innovative technology not only enhances computational speed but also reduces the energy consumption. Additionally, Hoursec prioritizes customer privacy by minimizing the need to transmit data to the cloud, offering a valuable combination of energy efficiency, data privacy, and sustainability in their product.

From neuroscience to startup

Alexandra Pinto is the founder of HourSec and specializes in neuroscience and computation. She lived and studied in the USA and Switzerland. During her research in California, Alexandra analyzed the efficiencies in the brain around energy consumption. After her master’s, she went on holiday to Switzerland, and there she had an idea of how to mimic the efficiency of a human’s brain to a chip. A few conversations with a professor in physics later, she was able to connect the dots and created HourSec.

HourSec is primarily active in the semiconductor industry. They are on their way to changing the industry by making it possible to train and infer on the same chip. For example, they developed a plug-and-play anomaly detector and deep fakes control system that works real-time – so, super fast. In addition, they are helping research centers to run their programs and computations faster.

“Today, we all rely on computer chips: it is estimated that one human needs around 100 chips to live their life. That is not a sustainable solution, so we must become more efficient. If we design our computational algorithms better, we’ll speed up processes and need fewer computer chips. And, it’s better for the CO2 footprint and the use of resources.”Alexandra Pinto, Founder of HourSec

YES!Delft and Next steps

HourSec joined the incubator YES!Delft in March 2022. It enabled Alexandra to set up a network of like-minded people despite being new in the Netherlands. It also helped her to develop her leadership skills and create a solid plan for commercialization.

HourSec is in the preseed phase and is looking for investors to help create their first commercial prototype. In addition, they want to attract three to five customers in the next year. Their current projects, for example, the anomaly detector and deep fakes control system, are successful, so it’s time to use their innovation to benefit customers.

“YES!Delft feels organic and honest. It is smartly designed, and everybody is open to help. It feels good to see other entrepreneurs and have a network.”Alexandra Pinto, Founder of HourSec

Your dream can become a reality too!

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