Renset: Sustainable Building Power

By Tessa van Breeden - Construction sites require a significant amount of electricity to operate, which is typically generated using petrol-powered generators. However, with environmental responsibility being a top priority for construction companies, the world needs more environmentally friendly alternatives. Therefore, Renset is on a mission to make the entire construction industry more sustainable by introducing a mobile power station that operates on renewable energy sources.

From Idea to Eco-Innovation

Teun van ‘t Veer studied Industrial Design at the TU Delft. After his bachelor’s degree, he worked for the Kier group while doing an MBA. During that time, he visited many construction sites and always wondered about the environmental effects of the petrol generators used in construction sites in England. He thought there should be better energy sources to use on sites, so Teun came up with the idea of making a sustainable alternative to generators. So, he started Renset to make the construction industry greener.

How does it work?

The battery is a portable generator of 5 KWh capacity with a continuous 10kW peak power, designed to power medium-sized equipment, such as (hand) breakers, compactors, or, for example, the site cabins used for breaks. As construction activities mostly take place outside, the Renset generator is water-resistant. The battery has a double housing to give off heat without water penetration. Second, the battery never dies, as there are four modules. Each module can be taken out separately without interrupting the power and then charged. The power station could be charged with renewable energy.

In Northern Ireland, a company that welds gas pipes together tested our battery. We powered the device they used to our battery, and it worked. Moreover, a regular generator vibrates and makes noise, but our battery is silent. The construction worker said that was a big advantage.

Teun van ‘t Veer, founder of Renset.

Accelerating Towards a Greener Future

Renset started in the Accelerator program of YES!Delft in September 2023. With an office in the YES!Delft building, they are able to accelerate its growth through the vast network of like-minded people, innovative startups, and many partners willing to help. Currently, their team consists of an electrical engineer and an industrial designer. Furthermore, they partnered with ZWEVA Engineering, a company specializing in rotational molding, to help optimize the battery’s double housing. 

Renset already completed its first proof of concept projects last year. For example, a big festival in the Netherlands used the Renset battery last summer. Events and construction sites have many of the same challenges in getting green electricity to places without a fixed electricity grid. Their next goal is to develop the first series of products, find suppliers, get the correct certification, and go to market – preferably this year – to help make construction sites greener.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable construction industry. We aim to create a green alternative to petrol generators, which is why we are passionate about optimizing the power station.Teun van ‘t Veer, founder of Renset

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