Scoozy: A safe mobility scooter

Using a mobility scooter is a great way to get around if you are less mobile. However, they come in many shapes and sizes, so determining which type of mobility scooter suits your needs and is safe to use can be challenging. Luckily, Scoozy found a solution and has developed a safe and neatly designed mobility scooter.

Driving a mobility scooter is not always as safe as you think. For example, the number of mobility scooter accidents per 100.000 users is 15 times higher than with bikes. Furthermore, 75% of these accidents are unilateral, meaning that the mobility scooter causes the accidents rather than other vehicles. These numbers, plus the fact that there is a particular image that driving a mobility scooter is not cool, inspired Scoozy to develop a new product. Job van de Kieft and Jan Willem van Gent, the founders of Scoozy, wanted to create a safe mobility scooter with an excellent design. Back in 2018, Scoozy was well underway with the development of such a mobility scooter. Fast forward to 2023: let’s see where they stand. Sneak peek: they have progressed a lot.

A rocky start, safety comes first!

When Scoozy created the prototype in 2017, the team was enthusiastic about testing it. Then, unfortunately, there was a work accident. It was an intense and tumultuous time; not only was a co-worker hurt, but it also raised many questions about safety in the workplace. It is why safety is the core focus of Scoozy and one of the core features of the scooter. Furthermore, their scooter is medically certified, and Scoozy is audited yearly.

In a sense, I am grateful that we had the accident in the early beginning. We had to mature quickly as a business. It gave us a laser-focus on safety. Job van de Kieft, co-founder and CEO of Scoozy

Scoozy scooter


There are other features that customers like about Scoozy: the radius is around 100 KM, and the design is unlike any other scooter. Instead of an auxiliary appliance, they think of it as a gadget. It makes it possible to go to nature or other places outside our regular infrastructure, a significant added value for many people.

Our current target audience is around 65 years old. We found they like to do online research first instead of going to the dealer directly. Job van de Kieft, co-founder and CEO of Scoozy

Woman sitting on a Scoozy scooter

Usually, the Scoozy mobility scooters are sold via distributors, but because the Scoozy is fundamentally different from other mobility scooters, they decided to do the marketing themselves. They target their audiences with a website per country in that language. They are also experimenting with Facebook and Google advertisements. This way, they can distribute their marketing leads to their dealers. Besides, requesting a test drive in nature is possible, which also works for people who are hesitant to go to a store.

From startup to scale-up

Since the beginning, they raised 4 million euros in funding and experienced a 50% growth in the Netherlands. There are currently 3 generations of Scoozy mobility scooters. Versions A and B sold successfully in 2019. During Covid, Scoozy focused entirely on creating the C-line and expanding internationally: Scoozy is currently active in 10 countries with 60 dealers. 

Scoozy started in the YES!Delft building in 2016. Since then, they’ve outgrown the building and now have their own office. Still, they work together with DotRobot, another YES!Delft startup. They are growing towards a scale-up and, in that sense, are also busy raising more funds for their ever-expanding plans. For example, they are trialing with Scoozy as a Service – a subscription model for using the mobility scooter. They also want to adapt their marketing to reach more international audiences. Product-wise, they are implementing a new, comfier chair while keeping the design nice and modern. Last but not least, they plan to create another version of the Scoozy with a regular steering wheel that can compete with more traditional mobility scooters.

Your dream can become a reality too

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