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By Solvita - SoundCell has found a way to diagnose antibiotic resistance within an hour, so that doctors can prescribe the correct medicine sooner than ever.

Sometimes, you may experience an infection. Although your immune system will strive to restore your health, antibiotics may be necessary to assist with the healing process. However, finding functioning antibiotics can be challenging as antibiotic resistance is becoming more common. To help the patient recover quicker and fight antibiotic resistance, SoundCell has found a way to diagnose antibiotic resistance within an hour so that doctors can prescribe the correct medicine as soon as possible.

From research to a practical solution

Aleksandre JaparidzeIrek RoslonFarbod Alijani and Peter Steeneken met at the University of Delft. As a biophysicist, Aleksandre has always been interested in biology. He studies the behavior of single cells at the Department of BioNanoscience at Delft University. Together with Irek, Farbod, and Peter, he tried to find a new way to understand the behavior of single cells as fast and accurately as possible. They developed a hypersensitive diagnostics device, and as they progressed, they realized the potential their machine holds for rapid clinical diagnostics, particularly in determining the effectiveness of antibiotics.

By talking to clinical experts, we realized that doctors could use our research in a practical way.Irek Roslon, CTO and co-founder of SoundCell

Usually, investigating bacteria and their antibiograms takes about three days. So, doctors often prescribe antibiotics immediately to prevent the patient from getting sicker. The downside is that in 10 percent of cases, the antibiotics don’t work. As a result, the patient only gets sicker and may even die. Unfortunately, antibiotic resistance is also becoming increasingly common nowadays. The diagnostic device of SoundCell can be used to find out within 1 hour which antibiotic will be effective against the bacteria a patient is infected with. 

Their innovation represents a novel approach. By listening to the sound of cells, the subtle movements and behaviors of the cells are accurately detected. This way, the patient immediately receives proper medication, and misuse of antibiotics is contained, which in turn can prevents antibiotic resistance.

Infographic SoundCell
Figure: Detection of nanomotion of single bacteria by graphene drums.

Reference (Link)
Nature Nanotechnology (Nat. Nanotechnol.) ISSN 1748-3395 (online) ISSN 1748-3387 (print)

Building the startup

SoundCell operates in biomedical sciences and clinical diagnostics. Their target audience includes technicians and healthcare professionals prescribing antibiotics to combat infectious diseases.

Irek Roslon, CTO and co-founder of SoundCell: “Initially, we developed an ultrasensitive method for research purposes to determine whether a single cell is alive, dead, growing, or dormant. By talking to clinical experts, we realized that doctors could use our research in a practical way.”

The startup joined the renowned incubator YES!Delft, which has provided valuable support in networking, expertise, and coaching. Being part of the ecosystem has helped the founders mitigate risks, gain experience, and navigate the complex landscape of medical device development. Additionally, the startup has received funding from UNIIQ, Delft Enterprises, Graduate Entrepreneur, and various scientific grants, which have been instrumental in progressing their work.

YES!Delft gave us a wonderful network of expertise with motivated and talented people willing to help.Aleksandre Japaridze, CEO and co-founder of SoundCell

Aleksandre Japaridze, CEO and co-founder of SoundCell, was very pleased with the enthusiastic support that came with being part of the YES!Delft community: “One thing I like about YES!Delft is that we gained a wonderful network of expertise with motivated and talented people willing to help you.”

Upcoming 6-12 months

Currently, SoundCell focuses on deploying its machine at hospitals alongside existing diagnostic systems. Also, they aim to expand the team and acquire talent to manage software, connections, and data analysis. In the coming months, they plan to refine their product, seek regulatory certifications, and scale their operations to impact clinical diagnostics significantly.

SoundCell’s innovative technology advances our understanding of single-cell behavior. It provides clinicians with a rapid and accurate diagnostic tool for infectious diseases. By revolutionizing the field of clinical diagnostics, they are battling antibiotic resistance and improving healthcare outcomes.

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